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Running comes with great fun and joy. Come Run for Fun.
Fun Run (5km)

Registration Fee

₹ 450

Reporting time

7:10 AM

Race Time

7:55 AM

Experience the marathon excitement with 5 KM timed run.
5K Run

Registration Fee

₹ 650

Reporting time

7:00 AM

Race Time

7:45 AM

Take your running skills to the next level by joining the 10 KM marathon. Let your sweat define a story.
10K Run

Registration Fee

₹ 950

Reporting time

5:15 AM

Race Time

6:30 AM

Fulfill your dreams of winning a half marathon by joining the 21 KM run. Let the athletic power run through your vein.
21K Run

Registration Fee

₹ 1150

Reporting time

4:45 AM

Race Time

5:15 AM


Airtel Run for Education Kolkata… a very special race for me since it was my first half marathon in nov 2015 and first podium as well. Could not refuse the wonderful organizers when they requested me to place the 2 hr bus. For a change, i truly enjoyed the experience of running and route support and route support and euphoria of the run !! Was a great feeling motivating co runners and serving them a running buffet and singing songs to entertain

Anjali Saraogi, Marathon runner

Came to Kolkata on work. The organizers of the Airtel Run for Education got to know about it and invited to run their race. I anyway had a 21k training plan for today @5pace so decided to run the HM at the same pace. The weather in the morning was good so thought why not go for sub 100mins, which I have not done for almost 2 years since I hardly race a HM. Happy to have finished in 1:39:19 @ 4:42 pace and 188 cadences.A very well organized race at Salt Lake city with good hydration support on the route and awesome breakfast. Thank you Kunal for the invite.

Sunil Shetty, Marathon runner

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