Be the face of change: Sourav Kumar Kashyap

Mr. Sourav Kashyap, the member of Salt lake runners, is a senior business analyst at Tata Consultancy Services who started running to lose some weight but later on it became his ‘Way of Living’.Since November 2016, he is running actively.

He was a participant in 100 days of running competition where he covered 2250 km in 97 days without a day break with a daily average of over 23 km. And during this competition, he completed three unofficial ultra run with the highest distance of 72km  along with Kolkata’s Running Legend Jaydev Raja.

Mr. Kashyap feels that Airtel Run For Education is a unique platform that promotes health and education very effectively. He ran his first Half Marathon here which makes it very close to his heart. This year too, he is being a part of our fundraiser event.

He is highly inspired by running legend Jaydev Raja, Saurav Bhartia, Chao Lengdon Chaocing and Prema Rajaram.Mr. Kashyap has made outstanding set of achievements in the field of running, which includes:-

  • Four Half Marathons – Airtel Run For Education 2016, IDBI Kolkata 2017, Kalimpong HM 2017, BSF Kolkata HM 2017.
  • One Full Marathon – Shriram Properties Bengaluru Full Marathon 2017.
  • Nine 10km runs -Includes Bhoomi 10km, TCS Fit4Life, TATA Steel Bhubaneswar.
  • One 25 km – Tata steel Kolkata 2016.

He is a member of Salt lake Runners, a running group in Kolkata. His running buddies, Saurav Bhartia, Pramila Jain, Tamali Basu and Devender Singh encouraged him to finish the Nationals where he ranked 9th, making it the longest distance from East India in all the three seasons combined.

“Running itself is a very good decision that one can take for a healthy and active life. Airtel Run for Education gives us the opportunity to move to a healthy lifestyle and promote education.” says Mr. Kashyap.

We are glad to have such an enthusiast with us in Airtel Run For Education 2017.Hope he will be there with us in our future endeavors.

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