Don’t Chase Your Dreams, Run Them Down – Jaidev Raja

Jaidev Raja, a 47-year-old running and fitness enthusiast made his first marathon run in for the Airtel Run for Education in November 2014 and has since participated in 66 events overall, which include 19 full marathons and 3 half marathons. He received his first BIB for 10 K.M. in the Airtel Run for Education and has travelled to 18 cities which has accredited him with the respect within the running community. Jaidev has invited and participated in many ultra-marathons and his achievements are undoubtedly an inspiration. Jaidev has been associated with the Airtel Run for Education for 3 long years and his  presence is coveted in the future as well.


  • Malnad & Pune Ultra – 110 km & 100 Km respectively (in a months’ time )
  • Invited and ran 24 Hours Stadium Run in Bangalore
  • Invited and ran 24 Hours Stadium Run in Mumbai
  • 2 Full Marathon in a span of 14 days
  • 100 Miles in Sahaydri Event
  • 160 KM in Pune- Successfully Completed 150 KM in 30 Hours
  • 100 KM in Bangalore Ultra- Successfully completed in 21 hrs 28 mins
  • Bangkok 42.2 KM, a week after Banglore Ultra 100 KM
  • 2 Back 2 Back Full Marathons in different cities
  • 15 Full Marathons in 15 Months (Feb-2016 to April 2017 ); Excluding 3 Ultra Marathon in the same period ( 150km, 161km, 101km)
  • 7 Ultra Marathons in 2 years
  • 4 Full Marathons in one month

Jaidev has his blogs published at the Kolkata Ultra Word Press and has many special mentions to his name. His enthusiasm has been identified and acknowledged by the Kolkata Ultra Word Press, The Telegraph, The Times of India, Scroogeuncle blog, etc. Famously called as ‘JBRO’ in the running circuit, he has also been specially mentioned by Mr. Rahul Gupta, pacer at the Airtel Run for Education saying that Jaidev is an inspiration to all the runners in Kolkata.

Apart from being an ambassador in Kolkata Trail Run in the past, Jaidev is also the Race Director in BSF and a Pacer in one of India’s most prestigious events – SCMM.


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