Five Benefits of Running a Marathon that may Change your Perspective

There is a very strong relationship between the mind and body. There are many ways to keep our body healthy which would automatically help the mind to remain healthy too. Running is the easiest way to do so and for this, there is no requirement of heavy types of equipment because just the right footgear would suffice. If you haven’t started running today, you can just do the right thing by registering yourself at the Fourth Edition of Airtel Run For Education. By running here, you will not only improve your health but also help in the education of many underprivileged children.

Here is what you need to know further about all the benefits of running:

Running Makes You Fit:

When you are running you are burning calories. The best thing about running is that you get to burn those extra layers of fat and make sure that you have a fit body. Everyone dreams of a having a fit body. Running can help you achieve that! Not only that, there is something called after burn. By running, you will be burning calories after finishing also. Your running session should be comprised of consistent speed and a decent time interval.

You are Happy:

Running improves your self-esteem. Exercise will definitely make you feel better and improve your mood. Running also gives you what we call a “Runner’s High”. It is the best natural high that you can get and feel happy about. When you run, endocannabinoids are released which makes you feel happy and boosts your mood. This can also give you a rush and elate you making you a much happier person. You are now secured from depression too and can cope up better with anxiety and stress. So after all, runner’s high is really a good thing. The next you plan to hit the clubs and get high on a drink, you’d rather hit the gym and get runner’s high. Think about it!

Strengthen Your Knees, Bones & Joints:

There is a myth which has been out there too long and is convincing enough, for which people tend to fall prey but let me correct you by providing the truth which is that running does no harm to your bones or joints but in fact, strengthens them. Running helps in increasing bone density and also paves the way to powerful knees. In old age, you are going to lose bone mass and this can be prevented by running. Other knee and joint problems can easily be prevented if you start running 5 days a week from today.

Running Boosts Your Mental Health:

A lot of men and women tend to lose their intellect and reasoning abilities as they age. This is where running plays an important role and helps you stay mentally sharp. Increasing endorphins, getting in better shape, working towards a goal and increasing social connections all work together to increase your overall self-esteem.  The hormones which are released during a running session help you stay focused and sharp. A study has revealed that men who ran every day scored much more than their peers in mental tests.

Reduce Risk of Stroke & Heart Diseases:

Running is a cardiovascular exercise. When you run, your heartbeat increases. This means that running definitely has something to do with your cardiovascular (heart) health. Running makes your heart stronger and also reduces the risks of heart attack amongst other diseases. Don’t you want to live longer? Start running today!

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