It’s Marathon Time

Do you want to look younger?
Do you want to make heads turn?
Do you want look good for the upcoming wedding season?
Do you want to help out in a cause?
Do you want to educate little Kolkata?

Well if your answer to the above questions is a YES. Please come and join us for Airtel Run For Education on

29th November 2015

City Center, Saltlake

We keep cribbing about how we have put on weight, waste tons of money on weight loss programs, try everything we see on the internet or hear from people. From buying some weird tasting tea to having supplements for food. We have done it all. This marathon can be an end to all your problems, well maybe not all. But a lot of your problems!

These fellow Kolkatans have taken up an initiative and instead of cribbing, they have found a solution.

And do not forget, one person running for this half-marathon is getting one child closer to education. You have the opportunity to look good and help someone! Grab this opportunity like Americans do on Black Friday, like the Indians do on the Big Billion Sale. It’s now or never.

So what are you waiting for? Go for a run, NOW. No wait! Register with us first.

It is time for Kolkata’s favourite run. 29th November, City Centre Salt Lake. Don’t Forget!

So Ladies and Gentleman, take your dusty sneakers out, make them breathe, run like a horse and keep your eyes on the Prize.

P.S: Its time to plan your calendar around 29.11.2015.
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