Last Minute Tips for a Successful Marathon

It’s only a few days for the Airtel Run for Education 2015 powered by Round Table India.  If you still haven’t registered yet, please do so by visiting AirtelRunforEducation website. Last year this event was immensely successful in achieving its goal and this year too it has been relentlessly trying to fly above it’s benchmark. The main idea is to education the underprivileged.

You may be a professional jogger or may not. You may be practicing for the last six months or you have just decided to started. The following tips will be beneficial to everyone out there.

  1. Know the track well: Before you run, it’s most important to know the whole track in which you are running. There may be uphills or downhills and you need to keep that energy levels to cope up with that track. it is better to visit at least some parts of the complete track to know the drill. It had happened that many racers felt uncomfortable due to bad tracks
  2. Have enough mock runs: Before you run the marathon, you should practice enough slow mock runs using the same distance. Start with a slow pace and small distance and gradually increment.
  3. Set Time Goal: It is very important to set time goals for your run. You need to set up a time span in which you would complete X amount of distance both in the marathon and in the mock run. This will help you to calculate the completion strategy.
  4. Mental Strategy: Keeping a positive mental attitude is very important for completing a marathon. Neither be too enthusiastic about the event, nor keep it low. Just be humble and think of completing not winning.
  5. Plan your marathon morning: This is the most important among all. Make a list of the things you are going to carry on the day of the event and set the alarm clock beforehand so that you reach the venue at least 30 mins before the start. Choose your sports gear wisely and be sure that you are comfortable in it.
  6. What about diet? Nothing to worry about diet, just can have your regular meals everyday without skipping any. You can have a daily dose of protein supplement. On the day of the event, have sips of caffeinated drink every half an hour to keep the energy. In case you don’t like the drinks than you can carry chocolates.
  7. Warm Up: After reaching the venue, do all your free hand exercises at least for 10 mins. Don’t have a mock run on the day of the event.
  8. Starting Position: It is very important to choose a starting position for the marathon. Look for a comfortable place but keep yourself ahead of all the other runners, first or second row could be the best choice.
  9. Completion Strategy: The golden rule of completing a marathon is to using the method of run-walk-run. Don’t run too fast for the first couple of miles, it will stress your legs. You can plan in such a way that 3 km running = 1 km of walking gently.
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