Meet Ankit Bhadani: 21K Pacer for ARFE 2019

Ankit Bhadani is our Half Marathon Pacer for the 2hrs 30mins bus.

Ankit is an athlete who believes in running from the heart, and not with his legs only! Very active and highly enthusiastic, Ankit pushes everyone around him to perform their best. Sharing tips, listening to others, motivating and guiding his fellow runners – Ankit is always involved in these and so happily so!

His running journey started two years back in 2017. Till now, he has been a pacer in the following runs:

  • 1.Intensity Kolkata 10km
  • 2.Rotary Run 10km
  • 3.SBI Kolkata
  • 4. Xavrun

Ankit says, “Pacing for me is about running as a team. It’s not just a job but most importantly for me, it is to motivate and inspire each runner to push all limits and break their barrier.”

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