Meet Monalisa De: 10K Pacer for ARFE 2018

She is an entrepreneur in the field of hospitality and she also runs a boutique alongside. She is a keen believer in the idea of “being fit” and in punctuality. She keeps a positive energy that always flows over her thoughts to make herself happy and positive all the way of life.

She is a fitness enthusiast and devotes her free time to work out and in running. She started running in 2017 and had completed a few 10km runs as well. She has completed 25k competitive races and has secured a silver medal in her age category at TATA Steel (TSK) 25km in 2017.

As our pacer, Monalisa De is “a happy go, lucky person. She believes in her strong persona. Her cheerful nature will motivate many others to finish at the 65 minute target time.”

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