Meet our next pacer – Mr. Luv Barman

He is a fitness enthusiast. He did his schooling from St. Paul’s (Darjeeling) and completed his college from Bhawanipur College. He is 50 years young , currently living in Kolkata. He started his running career 3 years ago, and that point of time he used to run at Maddox Square lakes but he could barely manage 10kms.

Mr. Chetan Mehra, one of his friend, was the one who encouraged him to running. His first proper run was for TSK25 in 2017. After this he joined Kolkata Road Runners, which became the turning point in his running career.

Some of his achievements are :

Bangalore Ultra 2017 (50 Km) – 3rd position Men Senior Category, the finishing time of 5hr 38mins – His first ultra run.

IDBI Federal Life Full Marathon 2018 – the First assignment as a pacer, was allotted the job of running the fastest bus of 4.30 hrs and he finished it with a perfect timing of 4hr 30min 00 sec.

TMM (Mumbai) 2018 – One of the best-organized runs in India, completed a full marathon which is actually his best one of 4hr 21min, he has a dream to do a full marathon at sub 4 hrs.

Garhwal Run 2018 (Dehradun to Dhanaulti) – Qualification for La ultra – Finished the 72 km course, most of which was uphill in a time of 11hr 36min –he could not qualify for the la ultra as the cut off was 11 hrs, he was utterly satisfied with completing the run before the 12 hrs cut off, taking into account the tough course .

Rotary Short Chrrapunji run 2018 – Again a tough course, finished 3rd in his age category with a time of 1hr 55min for a 21km run.

Ladakh marathon 2018 – This was the toughest taking into account the harsh weather condition and low level of oxygen, did the world’s highest marathon (42.19 km) in 4hr 43min.

His wish towards the runners-

“All the best to the running community of Kolkata, which is growing at a tremendous pace. Hope to achieve greater heights in the years to come”


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