Meet the Pacer: Satya Chatterjee

Mr.Satyabrata Chatterjee is a software professional at Accenture Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He started his feat in running in the year of 2015. Since then he has been a regular participant in 10km marathons in Kolkata organized by TCS, IDBI, Airtel, TATA steel, Calcutta Swimming Club and has successfully completed all.

This year, Mr. Chatterjee is running as a pacer in the fourth edition of Airtel Run For Education with pace time of 70 minutes for 10km. His first half marathon in which had participated is the IDBI marathon (21.1Km) with a timing of 2 hours 26 minutes 9 seconds. And he ran his second half marathon recently in Hyderabad in the month of August with a net time of 2 hours 24 minutes 34 seconds which happens to be his personal best.

“Sweat cleanses from inside. It comes from places showers will never reach.” Our pacer, Mr. Satyabrata believes that a marathon helps to become stronger, healthier and helps one to uniquely discover the strength he /she has within. He is highly inspired by one of our pacers Mr. Chao Lengdon Chaocing.

In Airtel Run For Education 2017, Mr. Chatterjee has taken the responsibility to spread awareness amongst the youth to lend their helping hands towards the less privileged by organising regular health talks at office by professionals, and by encouraging many to take part in collaboration runs  organized by popular running clubs at Kolkata (like Unirunners, Salt Lake runners, KRS, Kolkata Ultra, etc.). We are extremely honored to have him as a pacer in our event.

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