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Let’s accept this, staying indoors can get gloomy at times. But with a strict government announcement, police springing into action, count going up by the day, its best to hold our reigns and stay put. We constantly keep video calling our friends, coworkers, relatives just to feel one with them, check on them and keeping the bond alive. Zoom, the video calling app has now become the hot favorite of nearly all, including fitness instructors.

If you are looking to continue training, being fit or just being guided by online instructors, there are many options available out there. Here are our top lists of options available out on the Wild Wild Web –

Samartha Yoga

Samartha- A Better You founded by Harsha Banthia is a place where a conscious effort is made to enhance individual capabilities in all dimensions which include physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual well being.

Who is this training focused towards? They focus on personal problems and prepare a protocol for an individual issue like back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, PCOS, depression, anxiety by their team and specific training for yoga teachers by Harsha.
What to Expect? Holistic approach to get your body, mind, and emotion in harmony and work at its max potential.
How long does each session last for and frequency – Each session rage from 40 – 60 min. Conducted 4 times daily.
Financial implications – Free classes online
Reach Out
mail at

Aditya – Body flow and Afro Latin Dancing

Aditya Upadhya is one of India’s pioneers in Afro-Latin dancing and Dance Fitness programs. He has been a professional dancer since 2003 and founded his school, Vive la Salsa in 2005. Trained by world-renowned teachers, he has been spreading his love for Salsa, Bachata, Afro-Cuban folkloric dances, and now Kizomba at various congresses around
He was one of Kolkata’s first Zumba Instructors. He has also been trained in Jazz, Contemporary, Indian Classical, and Tango.
He has created a proprietary online dance-fitness program called “SWAY” combining elements of cardio, core exercises and stretches!

Who is this training focused towards? For people looking for a Cardio and Conditioning Workout that can be safely done every day.
What to Expect? Cardio | Core Strengthening | Stretching
How long does each session last for and frequency About 30 minutes and there are 8 Time Slots Daily
Financial implications – Rs 1500 for the entire 21 – Challenge or Rs 200 per class

Reach out – SWAY | 21-Day Challenge Link?
OR SWAY | Single Class Link ?

Kalpesh Kamdar – Ashtanga yoga

He is a Businessman, yoga practitioner, and world yoga alliance certified (500 hours trained) teacher.

Who is this training focused towards? Focused on making the body capable of achieving a higher purpose, physically and spiritually, Via Yoga
What to Expect? Change by challenging yourself.
How long does each session last for and frequency? – 60 mins, every day.
Financial implications? Group class avg 250 per head. Mode cash, Paytm, Google pay OR Bank transfer. Enquire about personal classes.
Reach Out – Call/Whatsapp 9432576198/7003252752.


SAYANTANI MUKHERJEE is the Director IKONIC Fitness and Dance Studio located at Hazra. She is a Zumba Instructor, Body Conditioning expert, a certified Mat Pilates teacher and also provides nutrition advisor for weight loss management.

Her training is focused on every person who believes to give 1 hour to fitness daily for a living.
What to Expect? WORKOUT to STANDOUT
Duration – 30 to 45 mins, daily
Mode of Payment – GPAY/ Paytm
Request to be sent on
Once the person clears her online payment, the studio will accept the request sent on this account.

Fittr – A Whole Variety, from Flow to strength

Fittr is an online platform where they are committed to providing customized nutrition which is quantified, and training plans based on the lifestyle of the people. Their training is home-based with almost no equipment ( if you have resistance band) it should suffice.
Training is focused on all age groups above 18years. Children too can participate under the guidance of parents or guardians

What to Expect? Make participants Fittr physically, mentally and emotionally.
Duration? 45-60 mins, two live sessions in our Fb page one at morning 6 am and other at evening 5.30 pm.
Financial implications? It is completely free of cost. Just wear your shoes and fill your water bottle. Just watch and follow.
Reach Out – Page link where all live sessions are conducted :

Kanika Kush – High intensity Zumba

A human being who is on her path to understanding / seeking the truth. A minimalist and certified Zumba instructor, on her way to gaining certification for yoga. Her class is an ‘energetic release’

What’s their Workout all about? everyone who wants to work out but can’t due to the Lockdown
Duration: 40 mins, every alternate day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) – 6pm onwards
Financial implications: Zero. It’s Free! enjoy
Rach Out: Facebook Page The K-Factor by Kanika Kush

Johann Arora – Hatha Yoga & Meditation

Johann is a MBA turned makeup trainer and a yoga instructor. He also specialises in training the LGBT community and personal yoga
Who is this training focused towards? The LIVE yoga sessions focussed towards adults of all age group who just want to be Active, Increase their energy levels in the body and be calm and relaxed in the mind at the same time.
What to Expect? Gentle Yoga / Hatha Yoga / Yoga + Workout
Duration and Frequency : 1 hour everyday mornings 8:30 a.m. (Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation) and Wednesdays and Fridays evening 6:00 p.m. (combination of intense yoga and workout for Fitness Motivated people)
Financial implications Instagram sessions are free for everyone
Reach out: Free Live Sessions –
Johann also conducts private sessions for which you may pay via paytm or bank transfer and the Link will be shared. There has to be a commitment for atleast 10-12 sessions to really experience the benefit of the sessions.

Studio 23 – Specialized trainers, for a whole range of workouts.

Studio 23, South Mumbai’s bespoke Studio offering Unique Fitness & Wellness options that includes fitness classes, private training sessions, workshops, physiotherapy and nutrition. Their space is equally important for kids of all ages as our city catches up with good options for their all so precious time.

Who is this training focused towards? To Keep fit during these tough times
What to Expect? Exhilarating and much needed workout sessions
Duration and Frequency? 60-75mins, 4-5 sessions per day
Financial implications? Information available on the Application, discounts up for grab!
Reach out – download Application – Studio23

Dance For Fitness – Zumba with Zin Monica

Monica, is a licenced Zumba instructor, and strong by zumba instructor, her studio is called DANCE FOR FITNESS located in south Kolkata where she usually conducts her classes from

Who is this training focused towards? Zumba fitness is overall body workout it not only focuses on physical but mental health as well, it’s a great stress buster as it has music and dance both.
What to Expect? Sound health Cancel
Duration and Frequency? One Hour per session
Financial implications? Different Packages available, please reach out for more details
Reach out: Call OR Whatsapp- 8697741536 or mail

Pick your workout style and reach out to the instructor!
Stay Healthy, Stay fit, Stay Indoors.
Jai Hind

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