Rabindra Sarobar Lake- A Stretch for Thousand Joggers

If you’re closely associated with sports or even barely associated with it, Rabindra Sarobar Lake is the right choice and a must have in your daily visit list.

A walking distance from one of the central metro stations- Rabindra Sarobar, lies the great Sarobar Lake.

First things first,
Opposite to Menoka cinema hall, lies the entrance of the Lake. Other entrances include Golpark, Lords etc- these parts of Sarbor is better known as Dhakuria Lake.

Let’s take the ride from the main entrance:


So, you enter the place after watching a movie and chill before you go back home and get busy with life again. This place consists of concrete and iron benches suitable for hanging out with friends. If you’re a daily visitor of this place, you will know about the swing that lasted for so long over the branches of a tree. Throughout the stretch of the Lake, there are red-yellow tiles making the place look so beautiful that they almost call you for a run. This is a great place for your warm-up and jogging sessions. Try experiencing your morning-walk here at least once.


This entrance accessed from Golpark consists of two confectionery stores. Buying junk is up to you because this place is also the best and most recommended place for running.

This is the ultimate place for serious runners of the city and an open challenge that lets you decide if you want to stay fit or eat junk. Choose carefully if you’re here.


You enter the Lake from here, turn right and you see 8-10 beautiful benches painted in yellow and long, green, fresh grasses making the contrast look beautiful. This place comes with gigantic trees and as you keep moving rightward, you see the beauty and grandeur of the place keeps increasing. Won’t be very late till you find big and small fields and children playing all day long- few bare bodies while others in professional jersey. Also, if you want to photograph your running moments, just take your gears and a camera- you are ready.

Sarobar Lake is as much of an artists’ hub as of a runner. Photographers, painters, musicians on one side and swimmers, rowers, runners on the other side make this a happy place and remains to boast cultural diversity.

So if you haven’t been here before, don’t wait…

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