Meet Rahul Gupta – 21K Pacer for ARFE 2018

He started his running career journey on 08th of January 2017 at JBG TRAIL Run 10 km.
He was a fitness freak from his early school days but running was not a cup of tea for him. He was not even interested to complete 2 km in his trade mill because it was tough enough for him to cover. But after his first run, everything got changed within a minute.
After he started running on a regular basis, he had no health issues; even he started feeling positive from the morning.

He became an admin of the North Kolkata Runners group. Running made his life easy cause he could eat anything and everything he wanted.
Number of events in his list is as follows-
Full Marathon-5(5.14hr)
Half Marathon-10(2.04hr)

He served the following events as a Pacers so far –

  1. Airtel RFE 2017 -10km 60mins
  2. Tsk25 2017- 25km 2hr50mins
  3. Tata Mumbai Marathon 2018 – 42.195km 5hr 45
  4. IDBI Kolkata 2018- 21.09km 2hr 30mins
  5. IDBI Delhi 2018- 42.195km 5hr 30mins
  6. Pinkathon 2018 – Pacer of individual run in 21.09km

As a brand ambassador, he has collaborated with –

  1. IDBI Kolkata 2018
  2. Happy heart mini marathon 2018
  3. Sbi green marathon 2018

He had recently helped JW MARRIOTT on 23.09.18, for conducting an event for a good cause.
He wants to be an ultramarathoner in the future. He wants to stick to his small dreams until he fulfills it, after fulfilling the respective dream, he wants to move ahead to achieve something more.

For him, the Pacers’ strategy is simple. He carries a big speaker along with him so that his runners along the route doesn’t feel bored. Lots of jokes, motivation, shouting, hooting, and dance is his positive side.

During pacing he never pays any attention towards his surroundings, he only concentrates about the emotions of his runners. He could only see the trust and the love of the runners towards the marathon. Including music, pacer Rahul Gupta tries to have some conversations with his group members. Along with that, he tries to crack jokes, which helps the runners to cheer up. He sometimes shares their own painful stories so that the runners get some motivation. Rahul Gupta feels like the pacing is not just a job its rather about love for running.

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