Run like never before: Yashovardhan Kanodia

Mr. Yashovardhan Kanodia who is currently a Banker by profession working at ICICI bank. Having a daily routine job where he has to reach his office every day but he still manages some time to run for his motivation.To get fitter for cricket, I started running indoors before someone mentioned how outdoor running was much more beneficial in getting back into shape. Once I started running outdoors I kind of got hooked onto running from 5-10-21-31-Full Marathon. My motivation has always been to be fit in life. As I am a foodie running helps me to eat what I want, when I want. My inspiration has been my mother who was supported me throughout and who herself was a good runner.

Mr. Kanodia believes that the best way to encourage others would be to show the success story of me and my friends about our journey in running and how it has made us fitter and more confident in life .According to him  social media is what we would use for spreading the awareness. The runners who are running for the first time have also registered for this fundraising event.

Not only does it promote fitness and a healthy lifestyle, these run proceeds will be used for educating the future generation, both (healthy lifestyle coupled with a more learned future generation) is a win-win situation for India.

In his opinion every Kilometer run is an achievement and to quote his opinion  “the runners beat the sun to run which in my opinion is an achievement”

The podium achievement of Yashovardhan Kanodia are as follows:

  • First place in the age category in Hua Hin Marathon- Thailand (32km)
  • Third place in the far east marathon- Imphal (25km)

We are honored to have Mr. Yashovardhan Kanodia in Airtel Run For Education 2017. We hope that he will always be there with us for our future endeavors.

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