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It happened one fine day in April 2018, a handful of passionate runners from South Kolkata emerged and formed a league. The reason? They whole-heartedly wanted to run with a purpose to spread happiness and in order to stay healthy. Thus, the region saw the new dawn and the inception of the South Kolkata Runners began.

Shortly after its creation, the South Kolkata Runners witnessed massive fitness enthusiasts and from a handful of runners changed into a thriving Army of runners. The SKR has runners from various backgrounds irrespective of caste, creed, ethnicity, gender, age, etc. Today, they are known by the people as South Kolkata Runners Army or, SKR Army. The SKR holds more than 50 passionate runners in the league today which is certain to increase on the days to come.



Since its initiation, SKR has not only encouraged the passionate runners to run in harmony for a purpose, but the entire league truly has achieved much more happiness and goals together. In the recently organized entire 100 days of running, South Kolkata Runners Army covered more than 14,000 km of distance with top slots of the city being claimed by 2 SKR top performers- Soumitra Sa and Gurdeep Kaidan. Besides this achievement, SKR is also listed no. 2 in Kolkata amid all the running leagues in HDOR.

Every Saturday, the entire team practices together at Lakes. On every Sunday, all the SKR Army warriors whole-heartedly anticipate for the Signature Sunday Long Run, where various routes of the city are explored.



The most anticipated activity by all the team members was SKR’s long run. This activity was foreseen by the team since the formation of the SKR league. It all began with the enthusiastic team of runners running together spreading happiness and inspiration towards wellness. Since its origin, the team has indulged and excelled in more than 15 similar long runs till August 2018.

The SKR Army is intensely ardent runners who not only run for their interests but also ignite the passion of running in other vicinities of South Kolkata as well. They reach out to the people by the medium of various unique onboarding programs. Specific assistance is provided to every aspiring and amateur runner, they are further motivated and helped in every phase.



Commenced with extremely steadfast and exceptional beginning, SKR Army is all determined to shine in the much anticipated upcoming season of running with an overflowing zeal.

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