Meet Narottam Mundhra: 21K Pacer for ARFE 2019

Narottam Mundhra, our Half Marathon Pacer for the 2hrs 10mins bus, is a successful entrepreneur and a passionate traveler.

Narottam keeps ‘running’ very close to his heart. In his first run in 2014, Narottam realized the satisfaction of achieving physical and mental health goals. This running journey expanded from local to, regional, to national and international tracks where Narottam only kept getting better and better. 5 years down the line, he is now an esteemed Pacer at Run for Education – the very Half Marathon of the city where he had cracked his first Sub 2 clock, in 2016!

Narottam’s participation in the full and half marathons inside and out of Kolkata has helped him come as out the amazing runner that he today is. Presently, Narottam runs not just to satisfy his own soul, but also to inspire others, especially the millennials, to understand the value of running and take up the sport for the good of both mental and physical conditions.

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