Airtel Run for Education 2018 and New Town – The Talk of the Town

A ‘gate’ is not only an object or a word but a beckon of entering a new place. The newly built Biswa Bangla Gate similarly announces your presence in the City of Joy. Located in minutes distance from the Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, this gigantic structure will stand tall for the warmest welcome and the saddest goodbye. The grandeur of this structure replicates our grandparents in their best attire- this is the newly found guardian of the City who looks over the entire city through its beautiful glass gallery but doesn’t speak a word- only smiles. The Biswa Bangla Gate is 55 meters towards the sky and the gallery stands tall at 25 meters.

Biswa Bangla has been the talk of Bangla since its inception and at the same time, another talk of the state since inception has been Airtel Run for Education (Corporate fundraising event). 25th November 2018 witnessed the 5th edition of Airtel Run for Education and was grandest of all time breaking all previous records in terms of participation, visibility and new routes. By the efforts of the CEO and Founder of InSync Tech-Fin Solutions and Race Director of Airtel Run for Education, Mr. Atul Gupta, a completely new half marathon route was designed through the virgin, least explored, magnificent and spacious routes of New Town. But the cherry on the cake was running through the Biswa Bangla Gate and with the opening of 2nd Loha Pool this year, the single looped new route was possible and the stretch of greenery through the entire route after Loha Pool and meeting at Biswa Bangla Gate has been a real WOW MOMENT this year. For the participants, having a picture with Biswa Bangla Gate waving from the back is not only aesthetic but also a motivation in a true sense

“The day I was chosen as the Race Director, I knew the route has to be through New Town and Biswa Bangla Gate. One of the biggest feedback we received from the past half marathon participants was to create a single loop for the same.Being a marathon runner myself, I was determined and desperate to make this happen for the runners, so we immediately worked to make this dream for Half Marathon runners come true- all thanks to the opening of 2nd Loha Pool; i.e connectivity from Ring Road to New Town. But the entire process seemed as smooth as cream with the support of Mr.Debashis Sen (Hon’ble Addl. Chief Secretary)”– Atul Gupta

We thank Mr. Sen for his contributions on behalf of the Airtel Run for Education team.

Not only Airtel Run for Education or InSync, but Mr.Debashis Sen‘s contributions have also been tremendous in transforming New Town into a tech-hub- Yes! He is the man behind this vision. His keen interest in sports and the will to contribute and support the cause was also visible while the Airtel Run for Education team and participants gathered for professional medical guidance at the Biswa Bangla Gate. Mr. Sen dropped in to cheer up the participants for their upcoming run.

9th December 2018- Ecopark hosted Stark Kiddathon (marathon for kids aimed at providing relief to cancer patients) and we again got to see Mr. Sen supporting the cause and flagging off for the run.

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