Celebrating Independence Through Education

As India celebrates its 73rd Independence Day, let us all take a dig into understanding what “independence” really means to each one of us.

We gained freedom from the British rule and emerged as a country that is now independent in its journey of earning recognition in the modern world. But how independent are we really?

What about the freedom of our thoughts and ideas? What about our freedom through education?
True freedom, dear countrymen, is the freedom of our minds… The freedom of our thought-processes where we are open to explore every aspect of life that interests us, where we can perceive what is happening around us and conceive values that will make our lives better. True freedom is where we can exchange our beliefs and feelings without fearing oppression, and where prevails equality through education. The country will remain far from achieving this until it is efficiently ‘educated’, and not just ‘literate’.

While a lot of efforts are being put in by the Government and other non-government bodies towards lifting this hefty weight of ignorance that India, since centuries, is getting suppressed under, we believe it is the sole responsibility of every capable citizen of the country to join hands in bringing ‘Freedom Through Education’ to the underprivileged.

In its endeavour of bringing education to the neediest, the Round Table India, the national social service organization have together taken this initiative of ‘Run For Education’, a fundraising sporting event in Kolkata.

ARFE was brought to life in the ‘City Of Joy’ in 2014 with the motto of ‘Freedom Through Education’. It has come forth as the biggest Half Marathon of the city that sees participation of around 8 thousand people from across Kolkata. It gives us pleasure to inform that all the fund raised from ARFE is used to construct classrooms across identified schools of West Bengal that are in dire need of public attention and funding for their running.

More than anything, the value that ARFE has added to our lives, and to the life of every past participant in ARFE, is absolutely eternal. As we finish running the marathon every year, it fills us with ecstasy when we realise that we have been able to touch the souls of little children who were craving a life where they could have an aim to achieve, to have something to look forward to. This year too, ARFE is scheduled on 24th November and we welcome the active participation of Pacers, professional and novice runners and from all walks of life.

Come, let’s Run For Education!

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