Meet Anup Mohanta: 21K Pacer for ARFE 2019

Anup Mohanta is our Half Marathon bus for the 2hrs bus.

Anup has been a sportsman all his life. absolutely in love with the way of life of an athlete, Anup has pioneered at various sports including Badminton, Basketball, Tennis and Cycling. In his quest for challenging himself, he scaled the Everest Base Camp trek.

Running for Anup started in 2017 with his first full marathon is Hyderabad. A runner every day, Anup carves his mind and body in ways to bring out the best in himself by pushing his boundaries to as much extent as possible, every single day of the year.

In his current form, his average pace is 4:50 for 10k and around 5:15 for half marathon.

Anup says that he enjoys running in groups for the fact that it is impossible not to learn as there’s always someone who is faster, has run more races, or is fitter than the rest.

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