Meet Gaurav Jajodia: 21K Pacer for ARFE 2019

Meet Gaurav Jajodia, our Half Marathon Pacer for the 3 hrs bus

A man of iron and steel by profession, Gaurav is a go-getter in everything he does. Fascinated by the way ‘running’ shapes up the human body and soul, our Pacer is on his 5th year in the sport. Half marathons, full marathons, or be it triathlons, Gaurav is on his toes to achieve greater milestones each time!

Some of the events Gaurav participated in includes:

  • TSK 25K Kolkata Marathon
  • Airtel Delhi Marathon
  • IDBI Kolkata Marathon
  • Airtel Run for Education
  • TMM Full Marathon
  • Airtel Hyderabad Full Marathon

And many other events of running and triathlon

When asked about his vision as a runner, Gaurav says that he is “looking forward to something which is not just running, but the stability of body and mind.”

It’s a pleasure having Gaurav as our Pacer because not only does he do his best to keep his peers motivated and encouraged towards health, fitness and sports, but also believes in the cause of educating the underprivileged and stands by us, unmoved.

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