Meet Shalu Bajaj: 21K Pacer for ARFE 2019

Shalu Bajaj is our Half Marathon Pacer for the 2 hrs. 50 mins bus.

Shalu is known for the woman of determination that she is! To Shalu, a challenge is a promise of success. She is driven by enthusiasm and empowered by the hurdles on her route to victory. Having always believed in the GROWING THROUGH, and not just going through, Shalu is a treat for us to have as a Pacer.

She ran an incredible 50K in the challenging routes of Ayodhya Hills and completed as a podium finisher. For her, running is not just about fitness – it’s a method of changing one’s life.

Motivated, compassionate, and dynamic in her own ways, people running with Shalu at ARFE are going to have a gala experience!

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