Meet Sonal Paul: 21K Pacer for ARFE 2018

From being an exhausted housewife, managing home and kids, she suddenly found a new passion for running. Her journey from a normal housewife to a fitness freak started in early 2017 when she decided to kill the sickness and exhaustion by simply becoming stronger. Inspired by her own brother who is a Triathlete, she started running. She joined SLR and then there was no turning back.

Till date, she had run a dozen 10K and attained podium in quite a few. She simply enjoys running and no matter if runs are short due to lack of time, she just needs to run or swim or ride a bike (also mastered riding a cycle) to pass her time with ease. After winning an MTB in TCSFIT4LIFE 2018, She had to walk back home with it because she never knew how to ride a bicycle.

Nothing is more energizing than some form of physical activity in the morning. Running has made her stronger and restored her belief for herself.

As she says-

‘I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky’

That is her belief towards herself. Running has made her more confident and outgoing. It taught her to gain more patience and endurance. She says “Persevere and you shall win. There are no shortcuts.”

“A man is born to run for being healthy and to maintain happiness.”

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