With a mission of Healthy Body, Healthy Mind a running group was formed on 26th January 2016 named Newtown Runners with member strength of 42 as on 6th September. This running family image indicates that members of the group are more like a family and they are closely knitted to support their mission statement. The splash of colors indicates Inclusion and Diversity. They have extended the diversity agenda to the field of sports as well. While running remains their prime sport activity they are open to all other forms of sport which contribute to their mission statement. The Kolkata Gate image indicates the area they belong to i.e. Newtown.

The Members of the group are residents of Newtown and neighboring areas. Their group exercise schedule is as below –
Tuesdays (05:15h to 06:45h) which includes short run followed by core strengthening exercise and hits.
Thursdays (05:15h to 06:45h) which includes short run followed by leg strengthening exercise and hits.
Saturdays (05:30h to 07:00h) which includes yoga.
Sundays (05:30h to 08:30h) which includes family fun day (combination of short runs and fun games followed by breakfast).

The left over days are kept for depending on individual choice and capacity. The experienced runners in the group often team up on weekends, holidays for long distance practice and tempo runs.

To break the monotony, Newtown Runners also plans and indulge in activities like midnight run, long distance bicycling, celebration of events, team outing, participation in outstation marathon events…etc. whenever an opportune moment strikes. The venue for their meeting includes Eco Park which is used for morning walk, joggers pass, outside Eco Urban Village, Akankha more and Smritibon Park.

To communicate the team updates their activities in their Facebook page and for coordination between the group members they have a WhatsApp group where they post the venue details a day prior to their group activities.

This year in the fifth edition of our cake event Airtel Run for Education we are very honored to have Newtown runners as an active part of our event and we hope they will always be with us for our future endeavors.

For joining the group, you can drop them a message through Facebook messenger and they will get back to you with the process.

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