Tips to prepare yourself for a good and healthy Marathon

Running is always considered to be good for health and if it can be associated with good cause that’s even better, at Airtel Run for Education if you are running you are helping a child to go to school. Here is what you need to know to run your best marathon at Airtel Run for Education and keep yourself in good shape.

These tips can help you to run well at the coming marathon, here are the advices on what to do on the day of Marathon (Source: MEDICA Superspecialty Hospital) :

  1. Warm up/ stretch before the run: As soon as you wake up, get in your running shoes, lace up the shoes, and start shuffling out the door for a short shakeout run or walk. The main goal is to get blood flowing in the muscles, stimulate central nervous system calm your nerves and help you use the bathroom. After finishing the shakeout run you can have small breakfast, shower, relax and have plenty of time to get to the venue.
  1. Start slow: A key requirement for optimal marathon performance is optimal pacing, it helps you to finish the marathon well on time and also help you to keep good with your health.  The classic strategy for failure is to start too hard and hope you will get away with it. If you are still trying that approach, good luck! The best way to assure you finish the race is start slow and keep up the pace later on.
  1. Breathe through your nose in cycles of Inhale…count1-2-3-4& exhale… count1-2-3-4: This strategy will help you to make sure that you never go out of breath and can run for as many kilometers as possible. If you don’t follow the same you will end up breathing too fast and hence cannot be able to complete the race.
  1. Maintain good form while running: Being uniform is the key to success, being too fast at the beginning or too good at the start of the race and vice-versa will never help you win or even finish the race. Maintaining good form while running will help you to make sure that you finish the race and winning the same might come as a surprise for you.
  1. Stay hydrated by drinking water early & drinking often: Hydration during running is not as complicated as you may have been led to believe. When you run, you sweat. The more you sweat, the more your blood volume decreases. The more your blood volume decreases, the harder your heart has to work to deliver oxygen to your working muscles. And that is why keeping your body hydrated is so important.
  1. Optimize your excitement: Excitement plays a very important role to decide who will win the marathon. Over excitement may cause loss of energy at the beginning of race and hence slim your chance at the winning spot. Optimizing the excitement and using it as a tool to get to the finish line will help you overcome all the odds and win the marathon.
  1. Pace yourself: Racing doesn’t require formulas or splits to win. All that it needs is a good balance of strategy and a good body to run with on the given day. Make your own race pacing strategy and follow it on the day to make sure you finish well on time. Run the first for the marathonat an easy, conversational effort and then slowly increase your speed to make sure you are at your best in the last few miles.
  1. Listen to music &/or talk to yourself: This will help you improve your total capable time of running. While you listen to music your mind gets deviated from the fact that you are running for a long time and hence gives you extra minutes of comfit zone to run.

These tips will help you to make sure that you run the best marathon of your life, stick to the basic and win the game. Will see you all at the Airtel Run for Education, Kolkata.

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