Why Run at all?

The 21st century lifestyle is gradually pushing us towards stagnancy.

Where we are constantly using our brains, eyes and fingers, it is for a very little time that our bodies undergo movement. Locomotion has become highly machine-driven (courtesy to the expanding human-habitation area on the earth). Well of course, the global internet-usage surge that has taken up the sole responsibility of keeping us glued to one place.

The rate of increase in cardiovascular diseases and heart attacks that have led to death, has increased at an alarming rate in India. It has seen a 50% increase rate from 1990 to 2016 (source: The Hindu). Death rates caused due to heart attacks and strokes has seen a dramatic increase even in case of urban homemakers (mostly women), belonging to the age group of 30-70-year-olds.

Environmental pollution and our present urban lifestyles, both contribute equally towards this global ill-health.

It’s very essential for each one of us to remember that our body is the place where we live. It’s home to our soul, our intentions, ambitions, likes, dislikes, efforts, and everything else that we do as human beings. Hence, keeping our 1st true home, the body, safe and healthy is most important.

As regular runners, we would like to share with you the benefits of putting on your sports shoes and pounding out a few miles every day…

First, running is not only the best form of exercise, but also the cheapest. for taking a run every day, all your monetary investment will restrict to buying a pair of running shoes and comfortable casuals.
Second, running is a stress-buster. Any runner will be able to tell you their stories on the “runner’s high”. It’s a feeling of utmost joy and improved mood immediately after the runner finishes their run. This is caused by the endorphins that are released within the body after taking a run.

Third and most important point, a runner has a longer, healthier life than a non-runner. The body works in various ways to gift you with this. Running consumes a lot of our energy which burns the calories and all the subcutaneous fat under our skin. It forces our muscles to expand and facilitates the formation of lean muscles, thus giving us a better structured body. The exercise demands a lot of energy supply. so, once all that excess fat is burnt, our metabolism rate shoots up and our organs function to their full efficiency. We feel the urge to eat more and eat healthier.

As running bolsters our organs, the best affected is the heart. The pounding of the heart for an extended period leads to strengthening its major muscles and increases its efficiency to pump blood. This continuous practice eventually causes dilation of the blood vessels, increased lung capacity and more oxygen in the blood. It’s a chain of activities, you see! Evidently, we are taken miles away from the possibilities of all cardiovascular diseases and death threats coming from inactivity, pollution, evil addictions and other derogatory factors contributing towards the cause.

So, why run at all? Run for improving your physical health, your mental health. And with us, Run for Education of the underprivileged.

To Run For Education on November 24th of this year, register yourself at https://rti.run/.

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