You are not dead yet, slip-in your running shoes!

Your wealth can’t buy health, but your time can! Start working out today!

The idea of marathon is not about reducing your weight but being healthy. Today, health is our main concern as we indulge in so much of junk food, breathe the polluted air, take up too much of work stress and so on. Doctors say that, blood sugar, pressure, cholesterol etc. problem are quite common at young age. Imagine yourself at 30 years of age, and your only focus is to earn a good lifestyle and to enjoy the earning after retirement. Then again, can your earning eliminate these diseases, which keeps on growing with age? I understand, the time frame has chained your daily schedule. By the time, you reach sixty and now is rich, but will you be fit enough to enjoy your money?

Check out our celebrities Amitabh Bachchan, Anil Kapoor, Shah Rukh Khan, Hema Malini etc. still rock the floor at this age. Why? It’s not only their diet but also their daily exercise, which keeps them healthy and no wonder they know how to enjoy their money.

From the last year Marathon success, some of us have already taken the pledge, but did your family and friends? Let’s bang on for this year too. Why can’t we pledge for a healthy revolutions? Make Kolkata the running city of India. We can only request you to participate for your benefit rather feel good for yourself. It’s time we do something for ourselves. Well, let’s not be selfish and also take an initiative to help our friends and family even.

Running a marathon is not easy unless you practice. Practice makes it perfect! Most importantly, make sure you don’t stop once, you take the pledge. It’s your health we are worried for!

Start practicing today! Sleep early, wake up fresh, have healthy and clean food, maintain adequate water diet and see how you feel. So last year it was a 5km track, let’s make it 10km this year. Try taking baby step to take the giant leap in your lifestyle.

Being energetic and feel good is definitely not a bad bet. Flaunt your healthy lifestyle, stay strong until your last breath. Enjoy the god’s gift in your style.

Let us team up to witness the change for a healthy lifestyle. As we know health is wealth.

Let’s fasten our shoe laces as the city awaits our response!

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