Meet Ajay Pal Singh: 10K Pacer for ARFE 2019

Ajay Pal Singh, our 10K Pacer for the 70 mins bus, cherishes the life of a runner that he leads.

From being ridden with ill health for a long time, he took up running to improve on his health. His journey started as a runner started in 2016 and gave him the greatest gift of having a medicine-free life for almost 4 years now. This is something one can’t not acknowledge and feel blessed about!

Ajay recalls how he was able to run barely beyond 500 mtrs. on his initial days, Ajay made it to his first half marathon with Run for Education on the same year, in just 1 hr 59 mins. We have only praises for our Pacer!
As times passed, Ajay worked not only on his runs, but also on his dedication, will and strength, thus becoming the Pacer for Run for Education 2017 and participating in other significant marathons in the city.

In present times, Ajay has evolved into an athlete who hardy misses a single morning workout session. As for his health reports, they have gone deep green from being red, as they were before 2016! We are glad to have Ajay Pal Singh on board as our Pacer this year too, who feels equally emotionally attached with us as Run for Education had been his first official run!

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