Meet the Pacer: Ajay Pal Singh

Ajay Pal Singh has truly inspired us by his undying spirit and the love for running which he has shown for the past few years. He says, “ I started running at the age of 48 after I spent more time in hospitals than elsewhere.” At first, he decided to take baby steps and used to run 200m at first which was followed by a 1km walk on 1st January 2015 to run long distances. Ajay gives away all his credit to his college mates who encouraged him to start running. He hit the treadmill in the year of 2016 as a new year resolution in order to lead a healthy life.

He was down with tuberculosis in 2013 followed by severe infections in his digestive system in 2014-15 and had three endoscopic operation in 2015. He took his first run with a very enthusiastic group called the Unirunners in the beginning of October 2016. From the very first day after joining Unirunners, he states his feelings about running changed as his friend Vijay Dara from Unirunners motivated him a lot, “I was mesmerized to see the enthusiasm and positive energy of running groups from Kolkata in one of the trail runs at Godrej Waterside. There was no looking back since then.” He runs every day from that month and in this short span of time he did complete three half marathons before running for Airtel Run For Education 2016.

Akshay Kumar and Milind Soman had been Ajay’s source of inspiration. “This two old running kid’s turning 50 this December and I find no reason why I should not be inspired by them.”, this is what Ajay has to say about them. His other reason for running as a pacer for Airtel Run For Education is for joining hands along with many others to help raise funds for the education of those talented children who are not privileged with the minimum opportunity of basic education rights. If we had to say in his exact words about how he feels about this event then this would be what he has to say, “ Education is the single most solution to knock off multiple problems in our country. Contribution of any kind towards this cause is the best we can do to the nation. The event last year was absolutely amazing not only because it was my first official run but also the perfect arrangements. Great cause! Super event!”

This year, in the fourth edition of Airtel Run For Education, Mr. Ajay Pal Singh is running as a pacer with pace timing of 2 hours 20 minutes for 21 Km. He has been running with extreme consistency with a usual finish time of 2 hours for Half Marathon and less than 60mins for 10kms. Biggest take away he lost 14kgs with no hospital visits! The transformation was loved by everyone and he was thrilled. We are privileged to have Mr. Ajay Pal Singh as pacer representing us at the Airtel Run For Education event.

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