Nabonita – Become Stronger with every mile

Nabonita Bose Mukherjee was a banker turned into an early childhood educator, who handles a chain of integrated day-care and Montessori House.  Her first full fledged marathon was SCMM half-marathon in 2013, which she was able to cover with glory. Before that she did a stage marathon in Sandakphu in 2012 for 71 miles and realized the importance of being fit and being prepared as she was not able to complete it entirely. “Change is the only constant in life and I realized and noticed the changes in my thought process and my lifestyle”, she said.

According to her , the only motivation in her life is her husband. he inspires her and constantly encourages her to be on her toes. It is extremely satisfying to see women are running away in true sense breaking all shackles to be on their own. She loves being a part of them.

She run in first edition of RFE and never quite expected this to turn out to be a such a great and important event at that time. She completely supports that as a part of the early education system, the importance of raising fund to reach out to those hapless few who do not have the basis right to exercise one of the fundamental rights after so many years after independence. And the fact that Airtel Run for Education is using such a wonderful way to reach that objective is a true win-win situation.

She started running when she was 41 and now she is an intermittent runner.  She want others too to follow a regular, sustainable fitness regime to stay happy. “Good health gives great happiness and I wish that to happen from the core of my heart.”

Till now she has run 4 half marathons, 9 10km marathons and few 5kms so far. To her, each run is an achievement. it is a triumph of her over her former self. Each day, each race is unique to her and she loves every bit of it.

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