Overcoming Fears With Running: Rishabh Saraogi

30 year old cancer survivor Rishabh Saraogi calls himself one of the fittest person on his floor in office. While undergoing chemotheraphy for six months to cure Hodginkins Lymphoma which is the cancer of the lymph nodes, Rishabh would go for walks and do yoga to recover. He also kept a check on his diet and chose natural methods to get back on track. Today he is completely cured of cancer and has done a half marathon in January this year. Now he looks forward to the Airtel Run For Education 21km run on the 26th of November, which will be another feather in his cap.

Rishabh started running in May 2016 with a 3km run which gradually went up to a 10km weekly run. Today he continues to run on weekends apart from finding time to run on weekdays too. This banking professional wants to do a full marathon someday with consistent practice. “Running helps to shed negativity. “I get tired while running, but when I come back I feel very positive, it is distressing and I feel very energetic and charged up and get positive in every aspect.” Says Rishabh.

It was tough coming to terms discovering he had cancer in November 2015 and with support from his bosses, he took a six month leave till May while undergoing 12 sessions of chemotheraphy in Mumbai and in Kolkata. Walking, yoga and pranayams paid off during his treatment and his reports showed progress after 6 sessions itself. In fact he was told to go outdoors as staying indoors constantly would increase the risk of infection. That worked well for him as it helped him stay active and eventually start running.

He doesn’t look back with pain, he says chemotheraphy has made him stronger and he is not scared of anything. Running as well as added to his mental strength. Hence the entire process has made him stronger and he thinks every person who comes across such hardships should value their body and that is the utmost priority.


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