Interview with Kredent Group

The Airtel Run For Education Marathon 2016 is almost here and everyone is excited in the city of joy to be a part of the same. The mega event is full of fun and entertainment. We recently had an interview with Kredent Group, one of the supporting corporate of the event. Here is what the company has to say:


    1. What made you think that you should support Airtel Run For Education?

      Since all the earning goes for social service and charity, we have decided to participate.


    1. What do you think about the education level in India?

      Not equal, there are still large numbers of children who don’t get basic education.


    1. How do you think this marathon can make people more conscious about educating the underprivileged?

      By participating & promoting, encouraging people.


  1. How would you like to encourage people to go for this marathon?

    Tell people to participate and also contact friends and family for the same.


We would like to thank Kredent Finance for their support. They have given tremendous contribution towards the event. The Airtel Run For Education Marathon 2016 in Kolkata could never have been organized better without their support and concern.

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