Meet the Pacer: Anjali Saraogi

Mrs. Anjali Saraogi, a long distance runner , who manages a diagnostic centre ,had started her feat of running post her pregnancy.She is a regular at running marathons now.In Airtel Run For Education 2015 ,she covered the distance of 21 km in 1 hour 55 minutes and 15 seconds and ran the entire track at an average speed of 10.9km/hr and was amongst the top finishers with the third position among the female runners. Being a total non-athlete, completing that distance in record time was a big achievement. Her daughter is her inspiration to stay fit and run marathons.

She has successfully covered quite a number of runs which includes:-

 1)Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2016.

Full Marathon-Time-3.32.28

Got a Boston Qualification.

 2)Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2016.

Time – 1.37.57

Podium winner, First.

 3)Tata Steel Kolkata 2016, ( 25km).

Time – 1.58.09

Podium winner: First.

4)Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017. Full marathon.Time-3: 29: 08.


5)Comrades Marathon – Durban, South Africa.

Ultra Marathon 87 km Up Run.

Time: 8: 38: 23

Female 40 to 49

Rank -26

Gender Rank:  84

Overall Rank: 1552

Record for fastest Indian Woman.

Overall – 2nd Fastest Indian.

6)TCS Amsterdam Marathon – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Full Marathon 42.20 km

Time- 3: 19: 38

7)BSF Marathon –  Kolkata, India

Half Marathon 21.1 km

Time- 1: 39: 08

Podium Winner.

This year, in the fourth edition of Airtel Run For Education, she is participating as a pacer in the 21 km category with a pace time of 2 hours. Completing a marathon would be a commendable accomplishment for anyone to be proud of but like Mrs. Anjali, adds more color to the event. She has now taken the responsibility to spread awareness and encourage more and more people to lend their helping hands towards the less privileged followed by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. We are extremely honored to have her as a pacer at our event and we appreciate her efforts to make our world a better place to live. She is an inspiration to many women and we hope that she will continue to be with us in our future endeavors.

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