All You need to Know for 2015

What time is it? Its Party time!I am not going to tell you how to prepare for the run. Google can do that. I am going to tell you things even google cannot tell you.

Here are some quick facts about 2015 Marathon:

  • Kolkata’s first large-scale non-profit Annual Marathon Event.
  • To be held on Nov 29, 2015.
  • Venue: City Centre Salt lake.
  • Targeted 7,000 participants.
  • 21k, 10k, Fun Run:: 5k.
  • Participants shall include runners – students, corporates, singles and families.
  • Totally secure environment with Private Security.
  • Onsite Emergency Ambulances and Medical Assistance.
  • Water Kiosks in different locations.
  • Advertisements in Media, Newspapers, Radio, Facebook, Website.
  • Proposed used of Pic2go for live upload of race photos on Social media and Timing Technologies for race timing.

There, we have taken care of pretty much everything! You will have the media, some amazing people to run with. You are going to be secure and not be dehydrated.


Just register and show up on time. That is all you have to do. We have taken care of the rest for you!

Where are you going to find a Marathon which takes care of all? We are the new big party in town and trust me it’s a party would not want to miss. Do you want your friends to keep gushing about this while you are standing dumbfounded just hoping you could be there?

It is a party you can come to legally go without your parents worrying. It is party where you can show up in sweats! Why would you miss that?

See you guys there! The.Party.Is.Back.

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